So Much for Romney

As poor an idea as socialized medicine or any other government subsidy of health care is, the new Massachusetts plan to require everyone to purchase health care whether they want it or not is even worse. So, you’d think the ostensibly conservative Governor with Presidential ambitions would oppose it. Think again….

Romney, as he has sought to raise his national profile, has chided GOP leaders in Washington for veering from the bedrock party principle of limited government. Critics say Romney’s signature contribution to the healthcare plan — a provision requiring all residents to carry health insurance or face financial penalties from the state — will only cast him as one of those big-government Republicans.

”I think that this bill pretty well locks Romney, no matter what else he does, into that realm,” said Michael Tanner, director of health and welfare studies at the Cato Institute. ”I do see him being attacked from people who see this as being government paternalism or big government.”

On national stage, potential gains and pitfalls for Romney – The Boston Globe

Between this and his utter failure to do anything to protect the life of Haleigh Poutre from out of control bureaucrats (maybe because the 11 year old was a “free rider” who couldn’t afford an insurance policy) any support from either half of the Great Conservative Split ought to be eliminated for Mr. Romney. Sorry, Mitt, but great hair and a strong chin aren’t enough to be President.

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