So she might be a "conservative" judicial activist

So, apparently Harriet Miers is supposed to appeal to conservatives on the basis of the fact that she is a Christian who believes life begins at conception. That sounds to me an awful lot like code for “judicial philosophy doesn’t matter, because she’ll overturn Roe.” Certainly Roe is a decision that needs overturning for a whole host of reasons, but supporting the nomination of a Justice just to get one decision overturned is a serious concession to judicial activism.

I just hope when John Paul Stevens dies Bush comes up with a decent pick, but I’m sure not holding my breath.

Religious conversion redefined nominee’s worldview – Nation/Politics – The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

The two “argued about it some,” he recalls, and one day, she “came down the hallway to say she had made a decision. She had made a personal commitment [to Christ].”
Not only did this affect her financially — “If you see her tax returns, you’ll see she gives 15 percent to the church,” Justice Hecht said — but it also transformed her views on issues such as abortion.
“After her conversion, she thought more about things in a serious way. She realized life begins at conception. Taking a life after conception was serious business, and therefore you could not do it without a good reason,” the judge said.

Saw the headline, lost it and found it again on LegalX X X.

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