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Tom Rants Default Sued for being nice

Sued for being nice

Secure Liberty comments on the lesson two girls learned from being ordered by a judge to pay $900 to a neighbor surprising her with homebaked cookies. The lesson:

Some people are just canterous old bitches and you should damned well never help them across the street or pay them any kindness. Yes, leave them alone to wallow in their miserable solitude. That’s quite a lesson.

I hope someone sets up one of those campaigns to raise money to pay this fine for the girls and maybe throw in financing a recall election for the judge.

Update: Wizbang reports that a Denver radio station raised over $1900 to pay the judgment. The excess will be donated to charity.

Update 2: The Great One Mark Levin had a great rant against the ‘slip and fall trial lawyers.’ Mark Levin Fan has a copy of the audio.

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