Tom Rants Default Tea and Coffee (Shameless Commerce)

Tea and Coffee (Shameless Commerce)

These are some things on my own “Dear Santa” list this year…

Mikado Teapot 21oz

I make tea in the microwave mostly, but from teabags. Loose leaf tea is cheaper and there are some varieties not available in tea bags, but a) I lose the stupid little metal ball and b) can’t microwave the stupid little metal ball.


* made in Germany
* composed of durable (tempered) glass
* dishwasher and microwave safe
* showcases the beauty of tea
* built-in infuser filters all leaves

Mikado Teapot 21oz

In fact, I have a 1/2 pound tin of this Jasmine Tea that I bought in Chinatown in 2001. When you take the first sip of this, your whole body relaxes. Who needs Xanax?

Jasmine Tea

Green Teas Sampler, 6 tins and Black Teas Sampler, 6 tins

” impressive health benefits” and “no fat, sugar, calories or carbs”

Green Teas Sampler, 6 tins

For God’s sake don’t buy me one of these – just write me a check. Two years worth of Mickey D’s best coffee for this machine. Anything that costs $800 should make more than one serving at a time, shouldn’t it?- Lavazza Espresso Point Machine (Single Serve Espresso Maker): FREE SHIPPING

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is supposed to be what they serve at the White House.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

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