Tempest in a teapot

I think some of my fellow conservatives need a (recent) history lesson or maybe a dose of Aricept. The latest tempest in a teapot is over the fact that Harriet Miers made three campaign donations in 1988 to Lloyd Bentsen, Al Gore and the Democratic National Committee.
(Confirm Them has a screenshot of the FEC records of the contributions, it is true.)

In the 1988 Democratic Presidential primaries, Al Gore was the conservative candidate. Tipper was running around the country putting stickers on explicit records (those were like CDs but made of vinyl since faulty memories seem to be at work here). Al hadn’t really shaken off the legacy of Al, Sr. The only things a contribution to Al Gore in 1988 makes me fear is that she’ll be hostile to free speech or want to overturn Brown v. Board of Education.

Lloyd Bentsen wasn’t just the conservative candidate, he was the conservative from Texas. At least rhetorically he was somewhere to the right of Richard Nixon.

The donation to the DNC might be worth worrying about, except that at the time it was still possible to be a conservative and a Democrat. In Texas at the time, I think it was required. You’ll note she also contributed to Phil Gramm. For those with the memory lapses, Gramm was a Democrat until 1983 and if anyone questions his conservative bona fides they’re just stuck on stupid.

Miers Donated to Gore, Democrats

In 1987 Miers gave $1,000 to the primary campaign of Democratic Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, a fellow Texan who also ran with Michael Dukakis on his party’s ticket against Bush’s father in 1988.

During that presidential campaign, Miers contributed $1,000 to the Albert Gore for President Committee, as well as $1,000 to the Democratic National Committee. Gore lost the Democratic primaries to Dukakis.

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