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Temporary Insanity? No, Permanent Stupidity

Missouri state trooper was shot nine times this afternoon in Grain Valley (a small town east of Kansas City on I-70) by an unemployed man.

Tommy R. Rollins Jr., 26, of Grandview, was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and armed criminal action and was being held without bond. He told reporters Sunday that he didn’t mean to shoot Brashear.

“It was just temporary insanity. I wasn’t even thinking when I did it,” he said. “The society’s what caused me to do what I did. Just look at the society we live in.”

That someone can shoot another person 9 times, then immediately claim that it’s society’s fault and not his own does show one flaw in our society – no sense of responsibilty. If “society” made a mistake with Mr. Rollins, it was allowing him to believe that shooting a highway patrolman 9 times could be explained away without consequence as someone else’s fault. We owe it to Mr. Rollins to reeducate him on personal responsibililty with a lifetime in prison and we owe it to those who come later to make sure they don’t suffer under the same misapprehension that shooting anyone, least of all those who spent this weekend helping keep us all safe on the highway instead of spending it with their own families, is ok. (Assuming Trooper Brandon Brashear continues in “critical but stable condition” and improves.)

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