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Thanks Again, Ronnie

Thanks are in order again to Ronald Reagan for policies he started in the early 80s that are paying huge dividends today.

The wisdom of Reagan’s economic policy of investing in a strong, sound economy by cutting taxes and resisting calls for counterproductive tax hikes proved out in the inflation free growth of the 1980s and the incredible growth of the 1990s. Once again the wisdom of Ronald Reagan’s policies is showing as North Korea prepares to test a missile capable of hitting the mainland US (and easily capable of hitting Hawaii, Guam, the Marianas, etc.).

A Navy Standard Missile-3 shot down the warhead portion of a two-stage target rocket fired Thursday from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on West Kauai. It was the seventh actual hit in eight tries for the sea-based anti-ballistic missile defense program.

The experiment used “hit to kill” technology, in which the target is destroyed by the energy of the interceptor missile’s impact.

“We are continuing to see great success with the very challenging technology of hit-to-kill, a technology that is used for all of our missile defense ground- and sea-based interceptor missiles,” said Air Force Lt. Gen. Henry “Trey” Obering, director of the Missile Defense Agency.

Navy Times – Take two: Missile defense test a success

Thanks are also in order on both counts to a man who is in many ways Reagan’s philosophical heir, George W. Bush. Certainly there are points of disagreement between Bush and conservatives, but on the most important aspects of the Reagan Revolution – securing the nation with a common sense defense and foreign policy and solid, noninflationary growth through tax cuts, free trade and reducing regulation – Bush is building on the Reagan legacy. It is unfortunate that Congress, and a Republican Congress this time, is repeating almost play for play the mistakes that dampened the best effects of Reagan’s legacy in their drunken pork barrel spending binges, but the policies were successful for Reagan and showing success for Bush as well.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the folks on the National Security Council and in the Defense Department are either the students and intellectual heirs of the Reagan appointees or the actual Reagan appointees. Thanks again, Ronnie.

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