The Bear Growls

The Soviet Union Russia is preparing to take over the leadership of the G8. Meanwhile, the last advocate of economic and political freedom, the hallmark of the G8, in the Kremlin…is no longer in the Kremlin. He’s quit, saying that not only has Putin been agressively renationalizing corporations through corrupt use of the court system, but now he and his KGB cronies are stifling political dissent as well. The bear is growling; it’s time for the eagle to sharpen her talons.

“It is one thing to work in a partly free country, which Russia was six years ago. It is quite another when the country has ceased to be politically free,” he said Tuesday, according to the ITAR-Tass news agency.

Illarionov, who has also criticized what he says is a return to inefficient state control of the economy, complained that he was no longer able to speak his mind.

Update 3: Putin Economic Adviser Offers Resignation –

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