The Desert Periscope

The Navy is sending a friend of ours to Iraq. Not terribly unusual, I suppose, but perhaps given his usual job…

Yep, that’s right. Me, a navy guy — a submarine driver, even — tapped for a tour of duty in the desert carrying around an M-16. Who would have believed it? I certainly wouldn’t have, unless it was happening to me.

Dan is an officer trained in running the nuclear reactors on submarines and for the last year or so has actually been a teacher. As he explains it, he’s being sent because he has operational experience in getting people and equipment to the places where they need to go and they figure he can do that as well in a desert as under the Pacific Ocean. He’ll be involved with an operation to train soldiers in jamming the radio frequencies used to detonate those IEDs that keep killing our soldiers. U.S. Spending Billions to Stop Iraq IEDs

I’m adding Dan’s new blog The Desert Periscope to my Daily Reads and I expect it to be enlightening.

Good luck to Dan with the new job. He had this to say…

I’m generally looking forward to my job… after all, real military operations are exciting on some level. It will be hard being separated from my family for a year, [note: Dan’s wife just gave birth to their second child.] but it’s a sacrifice I volunteered for, and if I didn’t do it, someone else would have to. Might as well be me. I hope and pray that what I do will save lives and help bring stability to the country.


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