The Moleskine (Shameless Commerce)

Behold, the Legendary Moleskine in Black.

Legendary Moleskine Notebooks - Black

If you have an artist, a writer, a student, a journalist, a business owner, a professional or anyone who ever said “let me look for a pen and paper” on your Christmas list, this is a great gift idea. And it’s just so practical, you could always buy one for yourself.

I love these things, but don’t take my word for it…

For two centuries now Moleskine (mol-a-skeen-a) journals have been the legendary notebook of artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers. More popular than ever, Moleskine notebooks possess stylish minimalism and unmatched quality. This century new legends are being created with the help of this modest book. Moleskine journals help in daily life, work and play, at home and traveling the world. This is the journal that has been as it remains today a truly reliable friend – always at the ready. Helping in life – helping create and capture life stories.


Introvabile da anni, il leggendario taccuino Moleskine e stato
riprodotto da Modo & Modo nel 1998.

An unobtainable notebook for years, the legendary Moleskine
has been produced again since 1998 by the Italian company Modo & Modo.

Modo & Modo.

Moleskine are little black notebooks and diaries that have been the notebook of choice for many famous writers, artists. Writers like Bruce Chatwin who used Moleskine to record ideas and notes while on his travels and even Vincent Van Gogh would use Moleskine for his sketches and water-colours.

I have a little Moleskine notebook (pictured) that I carry everywhere with me. I use it for all kinds of purposes but largely it’s for capturing random thoughts and ideas – often for speaking and blogging.

Idea journals are great in the short term as they are great for recording those impulsive ideas that flow through my mind all day everyday and for creating ‘to do’ lists for immediate action. However I also find them great in the long term and occasionally get my older idea journals out and flick through them to find unused creative ideas that I never go around to implementing.

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