The Most Important Political Agenda Item

The Amateur Economist & Curmudgeon has a quote up today that explains my thinking on where we need to focus politically and may grant some insight into why I get bothered by those libertarian activists who think they have natural allies in the socialist left.

“Give me control over a man’s economic actions, and hence over his means of survival, and except for a few occasional heroes, I’ll promise to deliver to you men who think and write and behave as I want them to.”
— Benjamine A. Rooge

Keeping the Bush tax cuts and building on them, whether with further cuts or tax reform, is the most important item on our political agenda – bar none.

It’s more important than the War on Terror. It’s more important than the War in Iraq – whichever way you want that debate to go.

It’s more important than making crossing the Rio Grande a felony.

It’s more important than stopping or allowing same sex marriage.

It’s more important than Dubai owning port terminals or Red China controlling inspections of cargo for nuclear material. (Of course, I don’t live near a port…)

It’s more important than controlling federal spending. Leaving free markets in place, the market itself will correct the ability of Congress to spend money it doesn’t have if that becomes truly necessary. But allowing Congress both to raise taxes and to continue spending would be a blank check not just on our wallets but on our freedom.

It’s even, marginally, more important than defeating the wretched McCain-Feingold sequel (about which more later) since if we don’t control our own money, we can’t spend it on campaigns anyway.

The only thing that could remotely challenge this in importance would be if there were any serious proposals afloat on gun control and even there the capital to manufacture and the money to buy the gun in the first place are pretty important.

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