The Stupid Party and French Fries

This started as a comment at my buddy, Kevin Whited’s, blog on a post on the Roberts nomination At Least The Minority Is Competing For Something that grew to long for a comment box.

I’ve seen enough from local Republican types today that I feel justified in continuing to call my party the Stupid Party (as I have for some time), but if any Democrats actually try to stall the nomination of John Roberts on the basis that we’re being mean to terrorists, they’re going to win the title of Stupid Party hands down.

The problem is that they’re going to stall it on the basis that “Judge Robert’s America is an America where little girls get arrested for eating french fries.” (Especially if she was a little black girl, god forbid. Then we’re really in trouble. This will set back everything Republicans have done to reach out to blacks for the last 5 years.) This will out-Bork, the Borking of, well, Robert Bork. We’re awfully protective of our daughters in this country – they mean more than God, Party or Country. Or maybe it’s that God , Country and Party are only important to the extent they protect our daughters. Anyone with a daughter or granddaughter and the slightest inkling to finding Constitutional Rights buried in Penumbras is going to be asking, isn’t there a penumbra for french fry eating twelve year olds? Don’t get me wrong, I think the best protection for daughters is the written Constitution. But your average voter, who motivates your typical Senator, is likely to say, “If the Constitution requires my daughter’s school to let kids wear gay pride t-shirts, why can’t it protect her right to eat french fries?”

Seriously though this bit in the article Kevin was reading is just plain wrong: “And can the President convene military trials, unreviewable by any courts and Congress” The D.C. Court specifically reserved the right to review the outcomes of any military tribunals, which is far more than has happened with military tribunals under prior administrations. That kind of fast and loose play with the facts makes the “Save America’s Daughters and their French Fries” scenario look all the more likely.

Sure enough, a quick search to find the article I saw earlier or even a case citation on the French Fry case reveals that lefties are already referring to him as “Justice French Fry

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