This is stupid – Popular video game denounced for sex content

A media watchdog group [The Minneapolis-based National Institute on the Media and the Family] Friday denounced the maker of the hugely popular video game “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” over graphic sexual content that allegedly exists in the game and can be unlocked with an Internet download.

Okay, so we have a video game that is based on the idea, as I understand it, of stealing a car and embarking on a rampage of murder and mayhem. The original version included prostitutes that you had your choice of either propositioning or killing. As simply as I can put it – my kid won’t be playing this game, because I don’t want her learning values like failing to respect other people’s lives and property. Some toon sex Easter Egg isn’t exactly a problem unless parents are completely lacking in sense in the first place.

The “solution” is simple. If you have kids don’t buy this game. Or don’t buy a video game console in the first place. Or if you have to have it for yourself, lock it up with your Playboy Magazines.

Seriously though, if it took hardcore sex to get “Christians” upset with a game that features coveting, killing, stealing and arguably idolatry, they’d do better spending some time reexamining the whole package of their moral values than worrying about the speck in their brother’s eye.

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