Too bad we didn't do this for Alec Baldwin four years ago

Help Send Robert Redford to Ireland

In the Canadian newspaper, the National Post, Robert Redford was reported to have vowed to move to Ireland if Mr. Bush is re-elected. So now we ask America to help us help Robert Redford fulfill his promise.

We are collecting funds to purchase a one-way ticket to Ireland. We propose that we put Robert Redford on Aer Lingus flight #144, leaving LAX at 4:00pm on Wednesday, November 17th, arriving in Dublin on Thursday, November 18th at 11am local time. To put him in Business Class we will need to raise at least $1,524.70. (Aer Lingus doesn%u2019t offer first class)

Maybe Hillary Clinton would go with him? Butch and Sundance together again…

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