Too much choice

The original expectation with the new Medicare prescription drug program was that private insurers wouldn’t want to be involved, limited competition would spur higher costs or even that there would be no private options. Now the media is whining that there will be too much choice and retirees, who they depict as a bunch of doddering old fools, won’t be able to “process, retain and act on” this deluge of advertising. It never ceases to amaze me how these people who fought and won World War II, built the interstate highway system and laid the foundation for current computer technology are so stupid that they can’t

  • pick a contractor to work on their own home
  • make a decision about insurance
  • decide how to spend their own money or dispose of their own property

Choice is a good thing. From a political perspective, there is no such thing as “too much” choice.

KRT Wire | 09/23/2005 | What people should consider when selecting plans

Experts say that may be too long to expect seniors to process, retain and act on all the information they’ll be bombarded with. So while the ads may alert seniors to the range of coverage options, the promotions could complicate an already-difficult decision.

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