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“Israeli helicopters fired missiles at an office of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement and that of another faction in Gaza City on Monday.”

So, I’ve been looking at maps and I think this is roughly equivalent to saying, “Boston missile strike hits police office in Rhode Island.”

Now I’m not a proponent of genocide, but if I were Mr. Sharon, I think I’d just let the Palestinians know that they have three choices – 1. Move. 2. Calm their asses down and act civilized. 3. Die. All of them. It’s not as though a country with two to three hundred nuclear weapons would have any problem making a parking lot out of a “country” the size of Rhode Island (without the Providence Plantation part even). I’m not actually suggesting they use the nukes, since a shift in winds could be a real pain. I think they could accomplish pretty much the same thing if they would just use their tanks, planes, helicopters and bulldozers in earnest. Save the nukes in case Syria, Saudi Arabia or the United Nations decides intervening is a good idea. Oh, forget worrying about the UN, a few bucks thrown at Jacques Chirac and Vladimir Putin would prevent that.

On the other hand, I have to give both the Palestinians and Israelis both kudos for reseilience and sheer dumb courage. If this actually were Rhode Island and Boston, both sides would have moved to Vermont by now. There’s a lot of vacant federal land in New Mexico and Arizona where the Palestinians would feel right at home, maybe we ought to just invite them to move?

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