TSOBJM or RINOs aren't RINOs

The World According to Nick in his contribution to the RINO Sightings Carnival says:

That Son of a Bitch John McCain is at it again. In fact, for the remainder of this post, please note that when I say TSOBJM, that’s who I’m referring to.

He’s referring to the Republican-in-name-only-in-chief’s proposal to mandate “greenhouse” emissions be rolled back to 2000 levels by 2010. Wouldn’t it do more to stop global warming if we could scale back the hot air coming out of TSOB John McCain’s mouth?

The RINO’s in the sightings are not McCainesque Republicans-in-name-only, but “Republicans Indepent Not Overdosed” (on the party Kool Aid). In other words folks who can distinguish between being a Bush Backer and a Bush Kool Aid Drinker. Remember the Clinton apologists who were in such lockstep that it pained them to say he shouldn’t be fooling around with interns in the Oval Office? We don’t need Republicans like that – being willing to differ within the philosophy we share is a strength, not a weakness. The group includes conservatives, libertarians and “neolibertarians” whose criticisms are as likely as not to be that the GOP is expanding government too much – folks who want to hold the GOPs feet to the fire on all the issues that have won it elections.

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