Warnings on soft drinks

Debate Pops Open Over Soda Warnings

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, which has aggressively sought stricter food labels and standards, yesterday asked the Food and Drug Administration to require health warnings on soft drinks. “Drinking too much non-diet soda may contribute to weight gain,” was one suggestion. “Drink fewer non-diet soft drinks to help prevent tooth decay” was another.

They actually want the government to push parents to have their kids drink diet soft drinks sweetened with aspartame, once listed as a potential chemical warfare agent, and carcinogenic saccharin instead of sugar. Now I am aware of the issues related to refined sugar and “high fructose corn syrup.” I drink black coffee and Yankee tea and avoid the sweetener issues altogether (of course, trading them for other issues). But I do that as a matter of informed choice. Now government mandated warning labels may lead parents to believe that diet sodas are preferrable. On the other hand, if anyone is so gullible as to live his life by a politically motivated warning label instead of using his own brain, perhaps he deserves what he gets.

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