Vending Machines? Really?

So the soda pop manufacturers are supporting removing soda from vending machines in schools. Damn, I’m behind the times – there are vending machines in schools? Back in my day, you drank milk unless you brought a packed lunch. The only other option was the water fountain where you could go to share mono germs before you got so old they’d make you really sick. Now apparently the alternative to soda in the vending machines is going to be bottled water. If these kids don’t share germs their going to really grow up weak. The school water fountain is nature’s alternative to vaccination.

Seriously, I’m afraid I don’t understand this. School lunch or packed lunch. Where do vending machines fit in the picture? As far as I’m concerned, they don’t.

Trade group announces policy to limit soft drinks in schools

The [American Beverage] association’s board voted unanimously Tuesday to work with school districts to ensure that vending machines stock only bottled water and 100 percent juice in elementary schools, although most of these schools are already soda-free.

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