Where's the liberal outrage?

10 year old arrested and handcuffed by Florida police

The boy in handcuffs is 10 years old. If he had been selling crack or assaulting a teacher, liberals would be calling for that cops head on a platter. But no, you didn’t see these pictures on the evening news. Pinellas County, Florida has to be simply the most corrupt county in the United States – Los Angeles and Cook County cops have nothing on that guy.

For the edification of any police who might read this, when ordered to arrest a 10 year old boy for carrying a bottle of water or to put a Jew in a cattle car, the correct response is “No.” If your superior doesn’t get it and insists, pick from these two “I quit” or “Go to Hell.”

Added 3/27 I have been following this since late 2002, early 2003, so I didn’t put any explanation in here. The boy was arrested for trying to take a bottle of water onto the grounds of the hospice where Terry Schiavo is being held.

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