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Tom Rants Default Who is John Galt?

Who is John Galt?

Eugene Volokh reprises his piece on The Law of John Galt in honor of the 100th anniversary of Ayn Rand’s birth. The piece reveals what finally happened to John Galt and the final legal case in defense of his property. (I’m filing this under southwest Missouri news as Mr. Galt met his demise driving a truck for Tri State Motor Transit during a strike against the Joplin based firm.)
Here’s an excerpt:

But this just returns us to the more familiar Who Is John Galt? Is it indeed the John Galt Co.? Or is it John Galt Associates, of Pakwood Industries v. John Galt Associates?[2] Here, John Galt, a commercial landlord who refused to let tenant Pakwood assign a commercial lease, won again. Galt’s refusal to assign, the court said, was “reasonable.” (But of course.) Pakwood should consider it lucky that Galt agreed to go to court, rather than just dynamiting the whole property. Whoops, wrong book.

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