Tom Rants Default Who says she wants it?

Who says she wants it?

The warm corpse of John McCain told George Stephanopolous he didn’t know if he would support Sarah Palin in a 2012 Presidential run:

“Listen I have the greatest appreciation for Gov. Palin and her family and it was a great joy to know them,” McCain said. “She invigorated our campaign and she was just down in Georgia and she invigorated their campaign.”

“But I can’t say something like that,” McCain said, “We’ve got some great other young governors, Pawlenty, Huntsman.”

McCain said he thinks the Republican governors are going to assume a leadership role in the future of the Republican Party.

When I pressed him on why he selected Palin as his running-mate, he said, “Well sure, but now we’re in a whole election cycle,” he said.

So McCain isn’t sure he’ll endorse her. He ought to know how classy that stance is since Al Gore did it to his BFF Joe. Even so, here’s a newsflash for George and John – she may be better off without that endorsement. McCain’s own support was weak before her nomination. McCain’s support for her really would be like Bush’s support for McCain and Clinton’s support for Gore. The difference is that McCain is nowhere near as popular among conservatives as Bush and nowhere near as popular among the general voter population as Clinton.

So, when it comes to McCain’s support in 2012, who says Palin wants it?

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