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If you have tried to view this site on Internet Explorer on a small screen (or at a low resolution), the content in the middle was squashed. I’ve setup an alternate stylesheet for IE that will solve that problem (mostly anyway), but until I figure it out there’s a tradeoff. The sidebar menu with the external links (blogrolls, buttons, etc.) is under the posts. With a small enough screen, the sidebar with the internal links (archives, pages, etc.) may also be under the posts. So, it looks worse in Explorer at high resolution, but at least the content should be readable now. Of course, you can always get Firefox and see the page as it was intended to be viewed (and as web standards say it should display).

Update July 31, 2005 I believe I have the Internet Explorer issues mostly solved. I created a separate conditional stylesheet for Internet Explorer which puts the sidebar on the right. I created a conditional sidebar for IE which combines both sidebars in a single <div> . Finally I modified the IE stylesheet to hide the original right hand menu bar when WordPress called it by default. If you are viewing this with Internet Explorer (especially on a Mac or other non-Windows system) and see any continuing issues please let me know. If possible, send a screenshot. Nope. The conditional statement apparently won’t work around a php include. I ended up with the Internet Explorer stuff as extra junk at the bottom of the page in other browsers.

I did use a conditional include in the header file to invite Internet Explorer users to download Firefox! The site is 100% standards compliant, so get a client that complies to web standards and you’ll see it as it was intended.

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