World Net Daily Needs a Lesson in Civics

This from WorldNetDaily regarding a scene in the new movie “V” for Vendetta:

the movie’s three most sympathetic characters carry out an evil plan to blow up England’s Parliament building, one of Western Civilization’s most enduring symbols of democracy and republican government with a small “r.”

Time Warner promotes terrorism and anti-Christian bigotry in new leftist movie, ‘V for Vendetta’.

The case of the letter “r” aside, I’m sure that Queen Elizabeth will be quite surprised to find that she is no longer the monarch, an English republic having been unilaterally declared by WorldNetDaily.

WND is also worried that the film, with a Jewish star, is anti-Christian. So, apparently everyone is obligated to be pro-Christian, not just pro-Scientologist. Somebody tell Chef.

And, this film apparently “promotes radical sexual politics.” Frankly, where Natalie Portman is involved, I don’t care about the “politics” so much as the “radical sexual”.

I wanted to see this movie when I read an earlier write-up. Then I read that horrendously written review by the conspiracy theorist with the penchant for confusing basic facts. Now I’m checking showtimes even though I just went to my monthly movie earlier tonight…

Found by way of link at Hammer of Truth.

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