Yahoo! News – Supreme Court Sides With Death Row Inmate

Yahoo! News – Supreme Court Sides With Death Row Inmate
“In a rare unanimous decision on a capital punishment case, justices sided with a convicted Alabama killer who claims his veins are so damaged from drug abuse that executioners might have to cut deeply into his flesh to administer the deadly drugs.”

Unanimous? You’ve got to be kidding?

Ok, ok, so they might have to ‘cut deeply into his flesh.” Whose fault is that? The state’s? The victims he murdered? The needle manufacturer? No. It’s his own damn fault. I understand we don’t much believe in personal responsibility anymore, but my thought is this: If you shoot up so much that you can’t shoot up anymore and then brutally murder people that’s your own damn fault. Don’t want them to have to dig for a vein when they go to execute you, I guess you have two options: 1 – don’t shoot up so much 2 – don’t kill people. Apparently you now have a third. Go to the Supreme Court where such notorious conservatives as Antonin Scalia vote unanimously to hear your ridiculous argument.

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