Yahoo! News – Surprised UN ‘Respects’ Choice of New Iraqi Leader

Yahoo! News – Surprised UN ‘Respects’ Choice of New Iraqi Leader
“The United Nations (news – web sites) was caught off-guard on Friday when the Iraqi Governing Council announced it had chosen Iyad Allawi to lead the interim government taking office June 30 but “respects” the choice, U.N. officials said.”

Isn’t that what sovereign nations do, choose their own leaders? Wouldn’t it be a rather hollow ‘sovereignty’ that required the UN’s acquiescence in the selection of a leader? So the UN was surprised, big deal. So they ‘respect’ the Iraqi choice, again, big deal. The choice isn’t theirs to respect or disrespect any more than any other sovereign nation’s choice of leaders. Frankly, if the lives of 750 Americans, with not one blue helmet so much as scratched, is to mean anything; if the Iraqi people are going to have meaningful sovereignty and real freedom; if a representative republic is ever going to be achieved in Iraq; the Iraqi people should have no less than we expect for ourselves, the right to choose their own leaders and the UN be damned.

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