Yahoo! News – US Strikes 'Al Qaeda Safe House' in Iraq, 22 Dead

Yahoo! News – US Strikes ‘Al Qaeda Safe House’ in Iraq, 22 Dead
“An American plane hit this house and three others were damaged. Only body parts are left,” a witness said, as rescuers dug through the rubble of the shattered house for survivors.

“They brought us 22 corpses, children, women and youth,” Ahmed Hassan, a cemetery worker, said after the blast.

Fallujah has become to the United States what the refugee camps of the West Bank are to Israel. And like the Palestinian Authority the residents of Fallujah have the absolute power to stop the war anytime by themselves dealing with the terrorists.

Mr. Hassan and his ilk would do well to understand that the United States has shown incredible restraint. Frankly, as the center of Baathist terrorism they are lucky we have not dealt with them in the manner Rome dealt with Carthage or our closest modern equivalent. If Mr. Hassan thinks we have killed “children, women and youth,” perhaps he should give serious thought to what we might have done to him and all the other scumbags that live in Fallujah.

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