– Medicare drug card confuses seniors – Medicare drug card confuses seniors
Excessive choice is confusing and probably accounts for the slowness of enrollment into this program…

Dare I say it? Maybe we need forced secession – make Florida leave the Union. They can’t understand how to vote and now we spend $400 billion, wait, make that $530 billion, to provide them prescription drugs (never mind that I can’t afford them myself) and that confuses them, too. Can they figure out how to open the bottles? How many pills to take? Maybe we ought to institute a literacy test for voting AND medical care.

All of the above is, of course, crap, just like the statement that seniors are ‘confused’ by punch card ballots and prescription drug cards. These people won World War II and Korea, which included inventing both fission and fusion weapons from scratch by the way. I think they can figure out how to vote without help from the UN and how to buy medicine without help from the government.

Colorful Characters

This post on Reductio Ad Absurdum v3 – Revoke the Gasbag’s Privilegesstarted me off rambling across the internet looking up some of my favorite gasbags and other colorful characters. (Don’t blame Kevin for anything I found – his post just set me looking.)

I eventually ran across this site – Free James Traficant :

James Traficant’s error wasn’t committing fraud and taking money. His error was doing it old style. While other politicians had moved up to sophisticated methods including campaign donations, speaking fees, book advances and other hidden ways, Traficant stayed true to his suitcase full of cash roots.

Agree with them or not, American politics just wouldn’t be any fun without these sorts of characters. I’d take an Al Sharpton over a John Kerry any day.

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

:: Xinhuanet – English ::
The anti-war documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” has crossed the 100-million-dollar mark over the weekend, setting a new benchmark for nonficition Hollywood films, the Hollywood Reporter reported Monday.

Uh, wait a minute, I seem to remember a nonfiction Hollywood film released on Ash Wednesday that has done about 5 times that.