Kerry is a cybersquatter

Add the latest to Kerry campaign’s string of dirty tricks: cybersquatting. That’s right, they’ve stolen the name of talk radio host Michael Savage , registered and and pointed them at the Kerry/Edwards campaign website. First, forging memos and now forging “endorsements” online.

The Enemy Within: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Schools, Faith, and Military

(BTW, I purposely didn’t link to those sites. I don’t see any reason to give them free search engine improvement and I know my readers are smart enough to cut and paste.)

The X-Prize and the Wealth of Nations : Pilot Completes 1st Stage of Space Flight

Among those watching Wednesday’s flight was Adam Smith, 14, of Vienna, Va., who has earned $1,000 this summer toward a down payment to a company called Space Adventures, which is taking reservations for space travel someday.

Smith said he has been interested in space “as far back as I can remember.”

“It was just one of those things I want to do this,” the ninth-grader said.

It’s great to see that Adam Smith is going to get to take a ride on a free market space ship someday soon.

Eliminate Franchise Tax – Matt Blunt Agenda

Matt Blunt: Effective Leadership

Consider Elimination or Reduction of the Franchise Tax. It has been said that Missouri’s franchise tax is “a tax paid by business for the privilege of paying more taxes.” This antiquated tax is collected whether or not a business is profitable. Employers considering Missouri as a potential business location are aware of this burdensome and unfair tax.

Opportunity Zones for Needy Communities – Agenda for America :: Agenda for America – Chapter 1
Creating Opportunity Zones to Help Communities in Need

President Bush recognizes the need to provide assistance to communities that have lost a significant portion of their job base and workforce in the past decade. President Bush will provide assistance to communities in transition by:

* Creating Opportunity Zones – The President’s Opportunity Zones initiative encourages private and public investment within needy communities. In exchange for reducing local barriers to growth and development, these Opportunity Zones would receive tax benefits to encourage businesses to locate, invest, and hire new workers in the community. The plan includes incentives to spur the development of residential construction. These areas will also receive priority consideration for Federal education, job training, and housing funding.