Month: December 2004

Linspire OS: Not too shabby

Testing the Linspire Live test CD I downloaded. Booted right up. By accident, actually, since

Gas taxes and oil dependence

PREVIEW: Our Friends the Saudis One thing the Saudis know they can count on is

Marginal Revolution: Derivatives on housing prices

Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution wants to know why housing market derivatives are not met

NORAD's Most Important Mission

3 evenings from now the North American Aerospace Defense Command takes on its most important

Cafe Hayek on politicians and Santa Claus

Cafe Hayek: Parliament of Ho, Ho, Hos! “Shopping-mall Santas remind me of politicians. No joke.”

A couple of thoughts

Merry Christopher Not only does he owe the village $9,210 in fines for the two