Serious about bacon

Interesting discovery Not just a blog, it’s a domain. None of that silly blogspot or typepad nonsense for these folks. no, they are serious about their bacon. $7.95 and a trip to Godaddy serious. Mmmmmm…..bacon. is dedicated to bringing the wonders of bacon to the world. We are a group of bacon/pork enthusiasts, […]

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Whatever happened to federalism? and common sense?

The New York Times > Washington > Labor Dept. to Investigate Its Treatment of Wal-Mart The inspector general’s decision comes after lawmakers and children’s advocacy groups criticized the department’s settlement of child labor complaints against 24 Wal-Mart stores in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Arkansas. Without admitting any wrongdoing, Wal-Mart agreed to pay $135,540 to settle […]

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Challenge America to be true to itself

Remarks of the Secretary of State at State Dept. African American History Month Celebration Here’s an excerpt, the whole thing is worth reading. So black Americans, African Americans, have always depended on faith and family and education. In the most hostile times, in the most difficult times, that’s what saw us through. But something else […]

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