"These people are traitors"

BobG has a second opinion for investigators who think selling 2,000 drivers licenses is just run of the mill “corruption”…

And what is this “corrupt” employees crap? These people are traitors. They have endangered every man, woman and child in this country. If there is no way to prosecute them under the Patriot Act, then we need new legislation that will cover crimes like this.As far as I’m concerned selling out your country should be a capital crime.

What if Googlebot Shrugged?

Ben Rathbone with Google’s Hardware Operations had the opportunity to paint a mural in one of Google’s datacenters and to share it on Google’s Blog. His comments, the mural and what Google does struck me as heroic in the Randian sense.

Though I didn’t take this challenge too seriously at first, I couldn’t help playing around with some ideas. If you’ve been in a data center, you know there is a lot of wire, and racks with stacks of servers in them. I had some experience running websites and had seen evidence of the Googlebot hitting my own websites. Some kind of robot icon could be a neat starting point. Then I pondered the question: what does Google do? The grossly simplified answer that I came up with is Google connects the world with the Internet.

Googlebot mural

Don't understand why immigration is a good thing?

I think this is one Arab who is more than welcome in Missouri.

“I Punched Saddam in the Mouth”
Meet Samir, the St. Louis auto mechanic who pulled Saddam Hussein from his spider hole.

The Pirate’s Blog names him BAMF of the year. Next time I need car work I may drive to St. Louis.

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