Jude Wanniski dies August 29

Wanniski.com Mr. Wanniski was an adviser to President Ronald Reagan from 1978 to 1981, and designed the Reagan tax cuts that propelled the U.S. economy out of stagflation and led to the great stock market boom that followed. As an advisor, he counseled Democrats as well as Republicans, pro bono, and developed pro-growth strategies for […]

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Will our protectionism lead Canada to leave NAFTA?

Will US protectionism lead Canada to pull out of NAFTA in favor of the enforcement mechanisms of the WTO? That’s what Mel Clark and David Orchard argue for in A simple solution to U.S. bullying. Their argument is that Canada would actually end up with less US tariffs on its goods in a WTO regulated […]

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When I hear that whistle blowin', I hang my head and cry

Terror Plot Hatched In California Prison A terrorist plot to attack military and Jewish sites in the Los Angeles area this coming Sept. 11 was devised inside a cell at the New Folsom State Prison, a maximum-security prison outside Sacramento, Calif. And people thought Folsom Prison was tough in Johnny Cash’s day. If this isn’t […]

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