Pat Toomey as OMB Director?

The Club For Growth – Blog says that”

The right side of the blogosphere is chattering up a storm about how Pat Toomey, the Club’s president, should be nominated by President Bush to replace Josh Bolton as OMB Director (Bolton is replacing Andy Card as Bush’s chief of staff).

I guess I missed all the chattering, but it sounds like a great idea to me. It would be a great way for the President to prove he’s serious about getting the spending monster under control. Unfortunately, I don’t think he is. But that’s not the end of the world – the tax monster is under control and it’s far more important to ensure that “deficit reduction” isn’t just a code for “tax increase” than it is to cut spending. Even a reduction in the rate of growth would get us where we need to go so long as tax rates are kept in check and economic growth continues. In fact, that may be the biggest reason someone like Toomey is needed. While he certainly understands that the deficit is a problem, he also understands that a tax increase would be a worse problem.

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Guns and Basketball

The Amateur Economist and Curmdugeon has a set of George Mason quotes up today in honor of George Mason making it to the NCAA Final Four.

I was rooting for Bradley and local legends J.J. Tauai and Sam Singh, but sometimes the underdog takes what he can get. I’m used to it anyway – I’m a Cubs fan.

I stole one of the quotes and plugged it at the top of the page here – “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” — George Mason, “Father of the Bill of Rights”

But there’s at least one 14-year old girl who won’t be enslaved, as long as she can find a hammer. A slug forced into his car and attempted to rape her, but she found a hammer under the seat and let him have it where it counted. Good for her, but it might be worth a rethink on this whole idea that the Second Amendment doesn’t kick in until age 21. (via Hammer of Bushbashing and Occasional Truth)

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Hillary Shows Her Excellent Grasp of History

Hillary Clinton is convinced that a House immigration proposal is a bad thing. Such a bad thing it would have made the Good Samaritan a criminal.

I seriously doubt it. Samaria and Judea were both Roman provinces so I suspect that it would have been impossible for the Good Samaritan to have immigrated illegally. (Technically, I don’t think they were even separate provinces. More like counties. They’re both part of the West Bank now.) Of course, that’s the minor one…

Accusing Republicans of betraying family values, Senator Clinton said a House immigration bill would turn “probably even Jesus himself” into a criminal.

Clinton: Immigration Bill Would Make Jesus a Criminal – March 23, 2006 – The New York Sun – NY News

Now this one I’m really unclear on. Would a felony conviction carrying a few years in jail and a deportation order have really bothered a guy already facing capital punishment? Come on Hill, Jesus was a convicted criminal. Nothing the US House of Representatives can do is going to make any difference on that score.

Or maybe Hillary was thinking of this Jesus…but apparently he’s already a criminal.

A teenage boy whose escape prompted a judge to charge five Department of Children’s Services workers with contempt of court will be tried as an adult, the Davidson County district attorney general’s office said yesterday.

Jesus Vasquez yesterday waived his right to a hearing in Metro’s Juvenile Court to decide whether he should stay in the youth system or have his case transferred to Davidson County Criminal Court for proceedings under adult laws.

Davidson County briefs: Teenage escapee to be tried as an adult

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Without firing a shot, unfortunately

This is unfortunate…

U.S. and British forces stormed a house and freed three Christian peace activists Thursday without firing a shot

Update 16: U.S., British Troops Rescue Iraq Hostages –

It’s not unfortunate that they were rescued, but it is very unfortunate that the soldiers did it without firing a shot. That leaves them and their fellow travelers free to labor under the misapprehensoin that “violence never solves anything.”

While the Christian Peacemakers Teams expressed joy at their colleagues’ rescue from captivity in Iraq, the group also called Thursday for an end to the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq.

With hostages free, peace group calls for end to war

In reality, whether shots were fired or not, it was the threat that they might be which effected these people’s release. Add to the list of slavery, fascism, nazism, communism. and countless instances of royal tyranny, the kidnapping of these three peace activists as something that violence solved.