Month: August 2007

Wall Street Journal Footnote Should Be Cue for Bush

If George Bush has even the slightest hint of the usual late second term Presidential

Note to 2008 GOP Delegates

A note to 2008 GOP Convention delegates: When you fly into Minneapolis for the 2008

When's the next Senate recess, Scooter?

So Gonzalez gave in finally. According to George Bush, after months of unfair treatment that

No More Czars: Sorry, Livestrong

I’m going out on a limb with this one. Lance Armstrong is doubly beloved in

Environmentalists Oppose Mass Transit in Hawaii

Environmentalists in Hawaii are showing their true colors as advocates of a return to the

Capitalism, Socialism, Greywater and the Environment

A lesson that environmentalists should have learned about socialism after the Iron Curtain fell is