Joe Biden

How many lives is that, Joe?

A 1 point change in the value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average represents a change in the wealth of investors – which include things like teacher’s pension funds, mutual insurance companies, and mutual funds, as well as “fat cat investors” – is worth $291,966,066. Joe Biden says that “No life is worth losing to add one more point to the Dow.” Is that his $291 million at stake? No, it’s the retired teacher, the retired firefighter, the retired nurse, the factor worker who hopes to retire someday, the parent saving for college tuition or to help their kid buy that first home. That $291,000,000 would build a lot of homes for the homeless or feed a lot of hungry people. It could pay for a lot of carbon sequestration, subsidies for wind electric, or research to create better renewable fuels.

But here, let’s talk lives. Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States. The American Mesothelioma Association says that cancer treatment can cost up to $100,000 a month. How many months of potentially life saving cancer treatments could that $291,000,000 buy? At least 2910 months worth or 242 years worth. How many lives is that one point worth, Joe?

Life absolutely is precious, but anyone who claims “no cost is too great to save even one life” is either planning to spend someone else’s money, doesn’t have a clue what they are saying, or is just not being honest. I like Joe Biden. I gave a tiny contribution to Joe Biden in March. I think Joe Biden is honest, at least as much as any politician. But it’s not his money. It’s not his loved one going hungry, going homeless, or going without medication. Before you argue: Is it yours?

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