A Cure for Lobbyist Scandals

Following is a letter sent by John Putnam, Chairman of the Jasper County Republican Central Committee and Area Director for Americans for Fair Taxation, to the Joplin Globe, which he copied me on.

The recent, deplorable news of Washington lobbying scandals underscores the need for RADICAL Tax Reform. What is it that most lobbyists want but more favorable treatment in our tax code? Corrupt politicians want our current system to stay in place so they can keep filling their campaign coffers and be reassured of reelection. The complexity of the current tax code lends itself to gaming the system out of view of the citizenry. What if we had a tax system that did not have 50,000 pages of special tax provisions and one that would not allow them? That option now exists in the proposal to eliminate the IRS and replace the Income Tax Code with a progressive National Retail Sales Tax called The FairTax (HR-25, S-25). The FairTax eliminates the complexity and creates simplicity, transparency, control by the taxpayer, and fairness.
To learn how the FairTax would work, go to the 23-minute video called “Imagine the FairTax” at:
The link is in the lower left column.
Lobbyists will pay you NOT to watch it!
John Putnam
Area Director for Americans for Fair Taxation
Chairman – Jasper County Republican Central Committee
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