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A Sad Commentary

CNN reports that recent polls show Americans overwhelmingly disapproving of Congress under the Democrats, but disapproving even more strongly of the alternative. CNN says:

The new dynamic in American politics right now isn’t Democrat versus Republican…the new dynamic is the people versus the government.

Rejoice, rejoice, believers!

Unfortunately, the other Republican Senator from Arizona, Jon Kyl, is not a true believer. He thinks this is:

a sad commentary in America today that many Americans have lost faith in their government.

No, Senator, the Sad Commentary is that a Republican Senator, from the state of Barry Goldwater no less, would believe that Americans should have faith in government. So far as faith in government goes, the ideal situation is to have a government worthy of the people’s faith and a nation that still doesn’t trust it. As Thomas Jefferson famously said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Increasingly it looks like that vigilance needs to be directed at Republican Senators from Arizona.

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It’s the people vs. the government, new poll suggests

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