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Tom Rants Default A victory for the Republic

A victory for the Republic

Record breaking turnout – more Americans took part in their government yesterday than ever before in our history. Over 114 million people.

A clear winner – With just over 51% of the popular vote going to Mr. Bush, we won’t face 4 more years of protestations about a stolen election or an appointed President. Serious ones anyway.

A majority President – For the first time since 1988, a President has been elected by a majority of voters.

A return to normalcy in elections – Elections should be decided by voters, not lawyers or judges. Although an overnight wait seems like a nailbiter after the clear early victories of the 80s and 90s, we have a result within 12 hours of the last poll closing. Though it may seem a hollow consolation prize at the moment, I think John Kerry will be remembered by history for the class and integrity he showed at the end of the campaign, for restoring normalcy and for not holding the nation hostage with his lawyers. That may actually be a better historical legacy than he would have had as a President with an opposition Congress.

Added thought: Vladimir Putin is reported as saying something to the effect that Bush winning shows America is not buckling under to terrorism. Actually, the incredible, historically high turnout shows that we are not buckling under. The video from bin Laden last week was clearly a threat to attack us again and I think it was a veiled threat to attack us as we voted. In spite of the possibility, an overwhelming number of Americans supporting all parties went to the polls. Take that you fascist cretin, Left wing, right wing and Buffalo wing, Americans cared too much about their country to be scared away from the polls.

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