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Tom Rants Default ACORN, Cavuto and the end of the world

ACORN, Cavuto and the end of the world

Some spokesman for ACORN is on Your World with Neil Cavuto, right now and he’s spouting nonsense. Big surprise.

The specific nonsense that he just spouted is that “Republicans haven’t spent a cent on voter registration” since sometime in the 1960s. He may, for all I know, be technically correct that the Republican Party hasn’t written any checks to pay hourly (or piece rate) workers for registrations. But he’s factually incorrect. I’ve worked with Republican voter registration which is done by volunteers in this area. And those volunteers, who are Republicans, drive their cars to do the work. If nothing else, they’ve bought gas to get voters registered and, as anyone except an elitist, rich, liberal moron knows, gas costs quite a few cents these days.

Another observation from the show. Some of you may have taken comfort in the rebound in the stock market today, but I’ve just learned that despite all appearances to the contrary the end of the world is, in fact, near. Neil Cavuto just used the word “dis.”

And now he’s interviewing Joe the Plumber.

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