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Why America is on top

This article with the dubious sounding headline might be more appropriately labelled “Why America is and deserves to be on top.”
America enjoys view from the top – The Washington Times: World – December 27, 2004

The Europeans, all of a sudden, had to discover that America is religious, that ethical issues are relevant to politics.”

(Emphasis mine.)

From there the article also notes, among other things, that the US spends more on research and development than the next 7 countries combined and that American researchers have won or shared over 3/4 of the last 20 Nobel prizes in medicine and chemistry, that America is home to 115 million websites compared to only 13 million for Japan in second place, that the free market has been good for religious values with the US having more houses of worship than any other country (including all those “holy” Islamic countries). Finally, the average American household contributes 7 times as much to charity as the average household in the number two global test country, Germany, and Americans are 6 times as likely as Germans to do volunteer work.

And America is supposed to emulate Europe why?
Because they just now learned (from our election) that ethics have a place in politics? Because they are less inclined to help a neighbor in need? Because they don’t spend as much on R&D to solve problems? Because they are wandering lost in a nihilistic fog devoid of any values beyond a desire for a bigger government handout? Because they don’t really contribute positively to anything beyond their own borders?

Like I said, America may enjoy the view from on top, but as the article did say it’s because of our values. And deservedly so.

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