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Tom Rants Default And yet some were surprised by the speech

And yet some were surprised by the speech

George Bush in Washington Times January 12

If you want a glimpse of how I think about foreign policy read Natan Sharansky’s book “The Case for Democracy.” Anybody read it? Read it. It’s a great book. And I think it will help – it will help explain a lot of the decisions that you’ll see being made – you’ve seen made and will continue to see made. And it will help explain what’s going to happen in the Palestinian territories as far as we’re concerned. For government, particularly [-] for opinion makers, I would put it on your recommended reading list. It’s short and it’s good. This guy is an heroic figure, as you know. It’s a great book. – George W. Bush

I wasn’t aware of the comment by Bush until I saw the link in a review of The Case For Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror on A Constrained Vision, but my own immediate reaction to the speech was “Hey, that sounds like Natan Sharansky.”

And by the way, isn’t this the President that’s always being accused of lacking ‘intellectual curiosity’ giving a recommended reading list to a bunch of reporters?

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