Tom Rants Default Anniversary


I installed the WordPress software on this domain a year ago today and the site in its current incarnation was born. (The site existed before that, but there wasn’t much here.)

Since then there have been over 80,000 unique (for the day) visitors. *

I’ve written over 600 posts, anywhere from one line up to a couple of pages.

The site’s PR with Google is a 5. (As of Saturday and the latest Google Dance.)

The site is the number one place to go when Hillary Clinton passes gas.

I’ve been writing at a (Flesh-Kincaid) grade level of 5.9 and a Gunning Fog index of 9.4. This is a good thing. It means that the average 9th grader should be able to understand my point in most posts. Note to liberals: You should consider this before commenting that you don’t understand something I’ve written.

  • Visitors: Of that number about 7% are going to the Election 2008 subdomain. I have no idea what’s up with the Site Meter stats. If it weren’t the ‘official’ stats counter for the Truth Laid Bear, I’d recommend not using it. The server logs show over 80,000 unique ips after accounting for search engine spiders and spambots. I know that Site Meter won’t count anyone with javascript disabled, but I find it hard to believe that accounts for 3/4 of readership. Anyway.

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