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Anyone, anyone…Bueller?

Ben Stein asks this question in The American Spectator

Can anyone even remember now what Nixon did that was so terrible?

The answer:

Oh, now I remember. He lied. He was a politician who lied. How remarkable. He lied to protect his subordinates who were covering up a ridiculous burglary that no one to this date has any clue about its purpose. He lied so he could stay in office and keep his agenda of peace going. That was his crime. He was a peacemaker and he wanted to make a world where there was a generation of peace. And he succeeded.

That is his legacy. He was a peacemaker. He was a lying, conniving, covering up peacemaker. He was not a lying, conniving drug addict like JFK, a lying, conniving war starter like LBJ, a lying, conniving seducer like Clinton — a lying, conniving peacemaker. That is Nixon’s kharma.

And just a refresher, what was the name that George H.W. Bush used to refer to Ronald Reagan’s spectacularly successful policies during the 1980 GOP Primaries?

Anyone, anyone? Bueller? Something economics…something doo economics?

Found via Libertarian Leanings.

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