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Tom Rants Default Approaching the Half-Million Mark

Approaching the Half-Million Mark

I’m approaching the half-million mark here. Not half-a-million visitors, but half-a-million spam comments and trackbacks.

Akismet has caught 499,810 spam for you since you first installed it.Akismet has caught 499,810 spam for you since you first installed it.

For what it’s worth, I only turned on Akismet about six months ago. Before that, Spam Karma caught over 100,000 and before that Kitten’s Spaminator caught an unknown number.

Meanwhile Sitemeter reports 102,585 visits and the average legitimate comments in a month are about 5. Interesting. I’m considering turning off comments and trackback and completely removing the PHP file that’s used to process them since the server load has been intense at times and legitimate comments are few and far between anyway. I may redirect comments to a larger forum elsewhere, perhaps even recruit a few other folks that are having similar problems to form a joint comment site. Any….comments?

Passed the 500,000 mark sometime October 10th. I have deleted the PHP file which handles trackbacks since these seem to be getting past the spam protection on a more regular basis and also seem to be causing a lot of the server load. If you really link to an article here, I’ll go one better than trackback and include a link back in an update to the article itself. Just contact me.

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