Tom Rants Default Arab Street: R.I.P.

Arab Street: R.I.P.

Christopher Hitchens declares the death of that horrendous phrase “The Arab Street”:

When was the last time you heard some glib pundit employing the phrase “The Arab Street”? I haven’t actually done a Nexis search on this, but my strong impression is that the term has been, without any formal interment, laid to rest. And not a minute too soon, either.

I hope he’s right. I for one, have always been a lot more concerned with Neosho Boulevard, Joplin Avenue and Granby Miners Road than this mythical, mystical, Shangri-La known as “Arab Street.”

I can’t even find this other Street on a Google map. It keeps showing Frank Philips Boulevard in Bartlesville, but I’m pretty sure Frank Philips wasn’t an Arab despite the oil connection.

Betsy’s Page pointed me towards the Hitchens article.

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