Better Arrest Me Now

They arrested the mother of a 14-year old boy accused of plotting (though he had not even started to carry out) a “Columbine style” shooting:

Michele Cossey, 46, faces charges in connection with her son’s alleged plan for a Columbine-like attack on a school. She is accused of buying him a .22-caliber handgun, a .22-caliber rifle, a 9 mm semiautomatic rifle and black powder used to make grenades.

She’s not accused of knowing about his plot or conspiring with him. She’s not accused of helping him plan. There’s no indication she knew what he, allegedly, wanted to do and may have been more than just fantasizing about. But prosecutors are insisting on adding prosecution of the child’s thought crime with prosecution of the mother for something that ought not be a crime. (Is ought-not-be-a-crime a theme lately?)

Well, they better arrest me now. I bought my daughter a Daisy Air Guns Grizzly .177cal Pellet/BB Airgun Kit for Christmas two years ago. I fully expect and intend to purchase her a real rifle or shotgun in the next couple of years and a handgun well before she is 21. A Rottweiler, plenty of pepper spray and a stun gun should be high on the gift list for a teenage girl as well. I’m not planning on buying her black powder, but if she wants a black powder gun I’ll probably get her one and the appropriate accoutrements.

The prosecutor in this case calls purchasing guns for a 14-year old “not the best parenting I’ve ever seen.” Perhaps he’s right. I could agree to disagree on that. What’s hardly open to argument, however, is that “not the best parenting” falls well short of the bar for justifying prosecution. But then I’m just the citizen not the bureaucrat, so better arrest me now.


Prosecutor: Mom bought weapons for boy

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