Tom Rants Default BlueOregon: Flat taxes, sales taxes, and Howard Dean

BlueOregon: Flat taxes, sales taxes, and Howard Dean

If this fellow takes another look at Bush’s policies, instead of the media spin on them, he may see that Bu sh is a supply-side progressive. (His policies include an expanded use of federal government to help people, but it’s done in a context of growing the economy by reducing the cost of government. Only those who have mastered the “voodoo” of the Laffer curve understand.)

Anyway, this fellow is coming dangerously close to sounding like a Republican. He seems to have his eyes and mind open a lot wider than the Democratic leadership; he’s not afraid to look at policies that make sense just because most of their proponents have been Republicans.

BlueOregon: Flat taxes, sales taxes, and Howard Dean

What’s wrong with a system that does in virtually all the deductions other than home ownership, charitable giving, day care and medical expenses? The IRC has become a social engineering tool %u2014 whether that’s right or wrong is one argument, but it’s clearly been a tool for the wealthy.

It’s also interesting that he supports Howard Dean as DNC Chairman. On the most divisive issue of the day, Dean was 180 degrees opposed to President Bush, but overall he’s a thoughtful guy willing to take a stand when he believes in something and also willing to look at the best solution even when it appears to be “conservative.” (I’ll also add that on that particular issue, he was on the side of that icon of paleoconservatism Pat Buchanan. Being against the war in Iraq wasn’t necessarily a liberal vs. conservative thing.)

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