Tom Rants Default Boehner to GOP Voters: There's No Point Voting

Boehner to GOP Voters: There's No Point Voting

House Majority Leader “Shoeless” John Boehner’s message to GOP voters on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday: Don’t Bother.

We can’t look at these big problems we have and think we’re going to solve them in a very short period of time. Until people truly understand the magnitude of the problem we’re facing with the large entitlement programs, trying to talk about options for fixing them is premature.’

People have been talking about options for fixing entitlements, and especially Social Security. In the case of Social Security the talk, and specifically talk about ideas for reform that include partial privatization, goes back for literally decades. Some variation on the idea has been endorsed by people as diverse as former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Nobel prize winning economist Gary Becker and former President Bill Clinton.

Americans elected a GOP majority Congress and a GOP President, with the first popular majority of any President in over a decade, in 2004 and that GOP Congress hasn’t done much more than talk about anything in the nearly two years it’s had.

Now Shoeless John promises that as far as the President’s agenda goes, reelecting the Republican Congress will accomplish…nothing. What a way to motivate your friends. Are these guys seriously trying to throw the election? Say it ain’t so, John.


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