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Tom Rants Default Brownback for President?

Brownback for President?

Robert Novak ‘reports’ that Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is “clearly interested in the Republican presidential nomination for 2008.” Of course, Novak doesn’t reveal his sources, but I guess I’ll take his word for it.

Brownback is known for his solid bona fides as a social conservative on their core issues of abortion, prayer in schools, etc. Undoubtedly many will try to paint the typical false division between social conservatives and libertarians, but his Vote Match profile shows among other things, that he’s also rated 100% on free trade by the Cato Institute, a strong supporter of gun owner rights and an acceptable 72% by the National Taxpayer’s Union. That last nubmer may be a bit misleading in that he supports requiring a supermajority for tax increases and supports prioritizing tax cuts over debt reduction.

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